Sunday, 30 January 2011

Thinking for web design

As social networking becomes more common, I wnt students to think about how these types of things can be used for business. Also to see what impact these things have on business as well, good feedback vs bad feedback.

How can school use things like twitter, facebook and other social media tools. As we start to look down the possible advantages and disadvantages of social networking with school.

What different types of neworking is there?
Does location based social networking have advantages or disadvantages?
How could school use twitter?
Is there something that i am missing?

Saturday, 29 January 2011

location based social media

I am starting to look at how location based social media works, using the app foursquare I am looking at how this can be used with various businesses to look at grabbing people as well as finding out what works and what doesn't.
One of the things I am doing is adding places, like my school, so I can see how it works as well as gaining interest from the students in using it as an attendance tool to see who will be mayor of our school, wonder if I can wind my classes with there iphones and itouches when we have our wireless system up and running. would be interesting to see who will topple the mayor. I like challenges :)

Monday, 24 January 2011

a good day

It has been a positive week for me, the new digital technology achievement standards have finally be released and some of the resources have been released as well. Be it in draft form at this stage. Though one of the things that I am finding a little bit difficult is how can we give feedback on these resources. The assessment crietia states that the assessment goes for 40 hours, however it is my belief that the teaching and learning needs to be described and that the assessment could be only 8 hours of the 40. That is one of the issues that I have. The other is that I am still no closer to how the external portfolios will work.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

graphics to possibly use?

what would be a good graphic for me to use with my courses this year, I have been thinking about a brand for my classes, something to help me make it interesting for more classes when I am doing powerpoint, moodle courses, internet pages, something that grabs students attention, previously I have had winnie, as well as a bee. Now I want something different and focused more around computing and design. ideas have been a robot, and toy story.