Thursday, 16 August 2012

Teaching the teachers

We have been asked lately to provide professional development to staff on various tools, but I had one teacher ask, can you teach me how to teach the tool to the students.
We spend so much time being taught how to use a tool or in this case concepts that we are learning how to use it. But does anyone think about how they are going to teach it back to the students.

We have just been though various concepts of computer science being shown to us, and we are now thinking that this could be a class, computer science 101, however thinking about this more now, the class title could be, teaching the fundamentals of computer science. as this is what teachers are after. We need the same for how to teach relational databases, some of this stuff I was taught over 10 years ago and now have pushed to the nether regions of my mind never to make a come back. How was I taught relationships for databases, what is normalisation, yes I had to good that one. how to get to the third normalisation. Things that were so easy when you were a student. now....