Friday, 30 January 2009

Expression Video Content

Colleagues in the US created a tonne of great video training content for Microsoft Expression design tools. I think there are something like 28 videos in total.

A good starting point if you haven’t used Expression before is to try the fundamentals series:
Microsoft Expression Blend Fundamentals
Microsoft Expression Web Fundamentals
Microsoft Expression Design Fundamentals
Microsoft Expression Encoder Fundamentals
Microsoft Expression Media Fundamentals
Then there are load more and I thought I would list them all here for reference (excuse the long post!):
Expression Design Essentials:
Vector Tools
Expression Blend Essentials:
Projects and Hierarchies
Layout and Controls
Custom & User Controls
Data Binding
WPF v Silverlight
Expression Web Essentials:
Standards Based Sites
CSS-based layout
Rich Data Presentation
Server Technology
Expression Encoder Essentials:
All in One Encoding
Rich Media Enhancements
Expression Media Essentials:
Asset Organisation
Image Editing
Microsoft Expression for Designers:
Expression Studio
Expression Design
Expression Blend

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