Saturday, 28 February 2009

e-asttle 2009 issues

The issues from last were sorted out, however for the new version of e-asttle called Version 5.2.

This is not just e-asttles fault, it has also been an issue with a large update of functions and features in our student management system.

This caused a problem when we exported our students out of our SMS and tried to import the new data into e-asttle. I would like to put in this that e-asttle have been working hard trying to get this working and fixed up.

Work around after workaround failed, and in the import the issues happening when importing with National Student Numbers caused me a great amount of frustration, through this I also found another bug in the program that wouldn't allow you to change details in the e-asttle system to replace someone's name with a new spelling.

We are part of a Secondary Literacy Project that has its first milestone on the 16th March, we are only just now getting the planning ready to undertake this due to the issues with e-asttle and plan B which was using asttle version 4 just put fear into us due to the amount of photocopying and organisation that would be needed in getting the hall setup and exam situations running. e-asttle allows us to throw the students into a lab and they have a set time to complete and it changes the questions based on their answers.

We have implemented a lab just for this as we have been waiting a number of weeks for the testing to be carried out and also use it for a travellers survey to look for at risk students that may need counseling.

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