Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I think sometimes, probably more often than not.

I have a favourite youtube video, it is one that apple made that get staff to think about where they see themselves in their school, what makes it great. It is called, Think ahead.

I like the end part of the video, where it has three statements;
Think big,
Thing bold,
Think ahead.

Do we think big sometimes or do we crush our dreams, ambitions, that teachable moment,
Do we think bold enough, or do we just think regular?
Thinking ahead, with so many unknowns, are we able to think ahead.

We have so many choices, options in our classes, are we able? What is the final goal?

Also, I want to put this out there, is it something that should be explored?

This is just an blue sky idea at the moment,

I want to try something different with the year 9 ict class in term 4

I want to use with yours and mine year 9 students, just to get them to look at what they have done during school that week.

I want them to blog once a week, I know that you are doing with with your seniors, but i also see that we are going to have to do this next year with our junior ict classes.

The simple questions:
What have you done this week?
What went well?
What didn't go well?
What could you improve?
What are you doing next?

Though i would love too see some of these questions more focussed around justin hinds key competency PowerPoint.

I see atoned 20 minutes of there lesson being used for this, it will also mean I have something to go to Peter with and work around getting more time in year 10 classes if he sees that there is other benefits from the course.

This can be started by the students focussing on there learning in our class, but I can see it opening up to what is working well in the school, I also see it opening up to some interesting experiences around project 72 and getting the students to reflect on there experience.

As i said this is only a blue sky idea at the moment, there is still some thinking to be done.
I am also looking at this as being a way to work out on how to embed practice in the school when we get the net books, imagine period 5 on a wendesday when all year 9 and/or year 10 students jump online to blog about there week at school.

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