Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Guidelines for Effective Adolescent Literacy Instruction

Guidelines for Effective Adolescent Literacy Instruction

I am posting them up on my blog as I cannot find any description of information anywhere else about these. They have been made up by a provider - team solutions

1. Instruction provides students with extensive opportunities to engage with a wide range of appropriately challenging written text.

2. Instruction is differentiated to address individual literacy need, interests & experiences.

3. Effective literacy instruction clarifies and shares literacy learning intentions and criteria for success.

4. Instruction provides students with specific feedback about the language aspect(s) of their learning.

5. Instruction supports students to make effective use of how texts are organised (e.g. heading, different paragraph structures).

6. Instruction develops students’ skill to make links to prior knowledge and/or build necessary background knowledge

7. Instruction develops students’ vocabulary and vocabulary-solving skills.

8. Instruction develops students’ skills to employ key comprehension strategies.

9. Instruction develops students’ skills to flexibly use and integrate written, oral, and visual modes.

10. Instruction develops students’ skills in both receptive and productive language use.

11. Instruction develops students’ skills to engage with text beyond a literal/factual level.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

m-learning and class

Sorry, I don't really know what title this would come under, but I came across this today on twitter from someone,

november- classwork should become homework and vice versa with the cellphone being the backpack. now that idea can blow room full of minds! http://twitter.com/nathanmarting/status/20316649851 

it has got me thinking and I hopefully will come back to this blog and reflect on the statement a little more

it is from a presenter that works here http://novemberlearning.com/resources/archive-of-articles/digital-learning-farm/