Monday, 19 March 2012

enabling public_html user accounts in ubuntu

Running a ubuntu server distro for the students, we have encounted a number of issues which we have had to work through. One of these is to enable public_html in the users directory

In order to enable the user-specific public_html directory open up a terminal and switch to the apache module config directory:

cd /etc/apache2/mods-enabled

If you list all the files inside this directory you’ll notice that all of them are actually symbolic links. To enable mod_userdir, which is the module you’re interested in, you’ll have to create two symlinks to the relevant files:

sudo ln -s ../mods-available/userdir.load
sudo ln -s ../mods-available/userdir.conf

All done! Now restart Apache via:

sudo apache2ctl restart

We can now access the web applications stored in our /home/username/public_html directory via http://localhost/~username/

userdirectoryPHP enabled

Webadmin Panel
Wondering if I should incorportae a web panel for this server?

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