Sunday, 17 June 2012

sometimes thinking I am in the wrong

There are sometimes in which I think I am doing everything wrong, why am I using a Learning Management System when others are not, why the push for eLearning.
I am at a traditional school where the results speak for themselves, we have students doing over 120 credits at each level and seem to be getting good results.
So why change it, why introduce BYOD, eLearning, portfolios and other 21st century tools.

This is something that I am trying to come to grips with. I can see where these things fitted with my previous experience, I could see how an Learning Management System would assist in students learning and how technologies such as interactive whiteboards helped both teacher and student.

But here I am in a school that does not seem to have explored these technologies, each room has a projector and speakers, but what else...

I ran a session last week on the eLearning Framework and I must say I feel, well, as flat as a balloon. Everything seems to be about the technology and not around the pedagogy, or around blended learning.  

I hope I am wrong about these thing, but I just feel flat and that things just seem to be being dragged out far too much.

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