Friday, 26 October 2012

What did you do in school today?

I just saw another teacher post what they did in school today, So I thought I would do the same.

Arrived at school and put some of my gear away,
Sat in staff briefing and listened to what is coming up as well as some information about what is happening during NCEA exams.
Period One, prepared to do some marking and update Learning Management System, got ready for period 2, today I was going to take an extension lesson for year 11 Digital Technologies so they could finish their external reports, also listening to a podcast around the #MSDWTF, got sidetracked trying to test the school network on a student account with the new windows 7 image. Managed to find a security hole where I had a the images username and password.
Got an email to take relief period 2,
Period 2, went to take relief and get setup to watch the clickview video, however the speaker wire had been cut, rang for new cable from technician. Spent rest of the period in workshop making sure the students were operating in a safe manner.
Had to send year 11 students that came for extension period back to class as I had a relief.
Interval, went for a cup of coffee and the social club raffle draw.
Period 3, Year 9 Digital Media class working on portfolio work, had year 11 students turn up to do the extension work. Also finished year 11 marking of assessments, posted results up on Learning Management System.
Period 4, Year 11 Digital technologies, had students complete their external work, and print and also submit a PDF of their assessment to the learning management system. Had students test there program for errors, show students how to test there work before handing it in. Resit on Tuesday,
Lunchtime, went out to watch senior house touch and take photos with new lens, 75-300mm :)
Period 5, Year 13 students trying to catch up on there work they have had all year to complete, as it is the year 13 last period one a friday they became silly.
Period 6. Year 12 Programming students trying to complete there python project, some good results, though they need to realise if it is not working, check there indentation. Some year 11 students back to try and complete work, also had another class sharing the classroom to complete work on computer.
Had Detention after school, this is for students who don't complete there homework during the week. An hour long session, number of students only had 10-20mins work to complete.

I feel like I have had a pretty good day, though getting the relief and detention caused a bit of a headache for me to manage my workload. Need to get junior reports completed.

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