Monday, 7 January 2013

course confirmation

One of the things most schools do at the beginning of the year is to confirm the subjects that the students are wishing to take. This normally involves every senior student coming into school and saying yes, or ok, I did not get what I aimed for in my previous year and now need to look at an alternative course.
Why is this such a laboursome task. Schools get the results that same time students do, they see that students have obtained the requirements in the subjects, yet they are called in anyway to sign off there course. 
one thing I have worked on for the past two years is a simple course conformation app, it allows students to go in and say yes they have meet the requirements of the course, the students can make the choice and the school can check it against the information they have. You only have to deal with the students who have timetable issues and missed obtaining the grades required. Saves time and energy and you work with the students you need to.

Things I have notice with the schools that have done this. They have good timetable planning, they work as a team from teachers, deans and admin and work before school finishes to plan students courses. They have confidence in the idea. Be it that one of the schools I worked with last year now has removed course confirmation.

Schools that are starting to think outside the box and use technology.

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