Sunday, 8 December 2013

coding and cs4hs

Reflection of last week.

Last week I have some awesome opportunities, to try some of the hour of code tutorials with year 9 and the annual google funded cs4hs was in town.

This year was the third cs4hs held in Christchurch, this is now getting to be an almost unmissable event for any Digital Technologies teacher in New Zealand. It provides an excellent array of practical tutorials and workshops through to discussion around the x.44 computer science standards. 

I myself was not able to attend full day sessions this year as I had Big Days Out at school. Where we suspend the timetable and give the junior students an experience. This year for me it was coding. I developed coding based on the hour of code tutorials.

It went like this video
Algorithms, My robotics friends,
Data representation,
Processing, programming language for visual artists
artificial intelligence, a taste of python,
code combat

This gave the students an ideal introduction to what is in the programming and computer science standards at the senior levels.

What did the teachers get out of cs4hs and what will they do for next year

Learn python
  • do 3.44
  • Review database plans
  • do python
  • introduce cs 1.44
  • have a go with 3.44
  • To look at level 2 and 3 computer science, support what they are doing.
  • Programming and digital media combined, with javascript, code avengers
  • Fun things for year 10
  • waterfall process for planning, development, depth. Rather than just in time agile.
  • industry visits
  • Jane whyte method, preparation
  • level 3 course to be more graphic orientated, computer graphics
  • do the edem626 course
  • cs externals and work together to develop, 
  • develop a cluster of teachers
  • javascript into level 2
  • formalise coding club, digital badges, 
  • edem626 course 
  • not doubling up on work, using other work to deliver
  • ready for level 3 programming
  • using databases for one standard and doing regular expressions on the standard to show evidence - practical application.
  • getting network protocols chapter sorted to build on top of the infrastructure standard

What questions still need answering
  • Computer clubs to get stronger, dynamic, connected to each other
  • How can I get capable students work placement, get out of the school
  • Rural is an issue..
  • Tour through leading companies
  • Sponsor some students to experience companies through google
  • NZOI New Zealand Infomatic Olympiad (STAR funding)
  • Catalyst High School Academy
  • Codeavengers
  • mashup
  • Ministry of Awesome
  • How do I encourage the students to come to digital technologies, when it was easy, but now it is hard.
  • Credit values for work… This is a new subject, new to the area, we are doing too much for the work…
  • Resources that show achieved, merit, excellence. 
  • Each of the sections and what they got 1.44, 2.44
  • how would a video presentation be shown…
  • 1.44 why is only 3 credits not 4, doesn’t help with endorsement(14 credits),
  • Is there such as things as an IT labourer, what does the non IT professional look like?
  • IT Labourer, installation, infrastructure, training and support?
  • Developing a range of courses

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