Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What do people see when they see Digital Technologies

I have been thinking about this for a while now,

Digital Technologies is a difficult area to see outcomes from

A finished website, a poster on a wall, a network operational, meeting clients outcomes is what people see, they don't see the behind the scenes work, the learning that has gone on. They don't see what is seen in other Technology areas. They see outcomes that they can touch, taste, wear, sit on, put books in, a design in action.

I have been working on some work for three weeks now, and all people see is the entry and outcomes. They don;t see the setup of markbooks for each subject, 189 in all, four terms each, a global markbook, calculating every single subject in each level, and the report that is sent to parents. For them its an issue to enter data. Data which is essential to make sure that what we have done is correct, right and operational. It sorts out issues, incomplete markbooks, non associated teachers with markbooks.

Sometimes it is a little bit much.

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