Saturday, 7 June 2014

Development - learning support

It has been a while since I went through and created the subject choice system, something that is now defunct as the Student Management Systems have now got into the act of adding these into their systems.

So what to do during this time?
Learning Support SAC Assessment System
I had the head of learning support come and see me about one of their current systems at school. This involves logistics, this was due to one of the students in my class suggesting that this be achievable within half an hour, not quite.
1. Students doing NCEA are supported through as Student Assessment Condition, this could involve a Reader, Writer, Extra Time or Computer to assist with their assessment. We have a large number of students who have SAC Conditions attached to them. What is required is a management system to assign a helper to each of these students with an SAC. At the moment this is all done through a whiteboard in the Learning Support Room. They loose access to their whiteboard for normal teaching and learning. Helpers have to come in and see what is available.

Design an online solution that allows helpers to access the system online and assign themselves to help.

What starts off as a easy solution,

Developing a visual reporting system?
This is only just starting as a conversation and would require drag and drop capabilities.

Level One PE Assessment Support System
Students need to keep a number of entries for NCEA Level 1, based upon a number of questions.
This needs to be easy to fill in, journal like, students need to be able to save and edit later on.
We started using Google Forms for this, however, students can't go back and change an entry, as well as they can't remember what entry they are up to.
We can use the existing data through google forms, based upon date/times and students possible entry data.
Need to have a way to show all 10 entries, Students wrote a couple of years ago the code that would assist a function of this, multiple checkboxes, with a field of data. This was done with the BYOD survey that we carried out.
Need to look at this code again and see how we can do some of the questions.

Needs to be as simple as Google Forms.
Teacher needs to access the system, have one input box on the right hand side to enter feedback on. Could be done through an iframe?
I need to have access to the google form and spreadsheet to see what I can develop, based upon teh information already.

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