Sunday, 2 November 2014

building on an existing message

we have a BFM at school, a fitness movement that go out for a run, however PB and students running need a challenge. I was introduced to an idea today that we could leverage on, and one possibly for the community.
The idea is a 3km run around our front field. Something that we can use to build up fitness for the students as well as provide a bit of challenge at the same time. We have our Sport Leadership class that could run this.
There is which is at Hagley park, something which is a challenge to get to in Christchurch. We need something that is simple, will work with the technology that we have and be functional to work week in and week out.
Points are awarded to students that get better, move up the rankings.

Barcode are something that are easy to create, attached to items. We can use the existing ID thats we have for students through the Student Management System and link into those.
Building the back end would be the challenge for the students.

This has database, programming and media written all over it.

an easy way to get the barcodes for the start could be to use the ones from musac:
  • Barcode labels are synthetic, scratch resistant, very durable and have a permanent adhesive backing
  • Clear plastic label covers provide extra protection
With this I also have brought a USB RFID reader, through, we plan to use the card almost every student has one them, the metrocard. Students will need to register their card before they run, but otherwise it provides a pretty handy system.

It maybe that we get a run just to see what they are like...

Two screens one a start, and one a finish on control laptop.
Insert a record when starting, that includes date, time, id number. When finished run and update script that include id number and time.

have a mobile site where students can enter there number to see their time. Needs to be able able to show details like PB.

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