Saturday, 21 March 2015

mytime challenge

I have been busy over the last few weeks coming up with a weekly mytime challenge. One it is challenging for me in setting it up, but the other challenge is in the students knowing their community.

"Finding your way"

Each week students are given a challenge that is based around orienteering. Something that I found fun and exciting that still attracts me to the sport today.

I have had

  • the students do a photo challenge around the school.
  • A score challenge in which students have competed to find the most points
  • Had the students try and make their own score challenge
  • A orienteering course - solo
  • GPS based course in groups

I have been doing some research, and in an area that keeps changing due to construction of a new community it is a challenge. From cranes delivering panels, through to an asbestos clean up down at the point, each week throws up new challenges. But also new areas that can be added in.

I found an orienteering map from 2011, and also found out that Hobsonville Point was the first place to have an orienteering map 42 years before.
After a 2 year lapse, British athlete and Orienteering champion Gordon Pirie got a group interested and on 19th June 1969, N.Z.'s first official orienteering event was conducted at RNZAF Hobsonville; 1:25,000 map, bomb dump included! (

I will keep the challenge going, this week by entering Hobsonville. An area beside the school in which there a few historical challenges that can be included for the students.

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