Tuesday, 3 November 2015


One of the greatest things I find in schools is their ability to get students thinking outside the square. In 2009, the school I was with started a 3 day EOTC project, this was aimed at year 9 and 10 students and was designed to push students outside their comfort zone. The same happened again in 2010. This was an amazing experience where we pushed students to develop ideas around EOTC and key competencies. The same happened happened at my last school over two days. However, maybe I was not as adventurous, the first year we went mountain biking at hanmer springs, and went for a ride through the woods, finishing off with one of the coolest downhills the students have ever enjoyed, straight down jollies pass road. The next day we rode around bottle lake forest. This was over two days. The following year, paint ball shooting for two days, you can get pretty sore. The next two years was at school develoting time to a cost free programming session, which allowed the students to develop hour of code projects while having fun, including google hangout a students from up north.
Arriving at Hobsonville Point Secondary, Camp was being talked about. I can't think of the last time I was on a school camp. However, the idea of developed of an EOTC week for students, to develop the dispositions or hobsonville habits. I thought of the fun and excitement of Get Lost again, and included it in the document. The Get Lost name is back, students use it around school like a badge of honour, when handing the forms back in at reception, the answer of Get Lost is heard. What was once a three day project has now turned into a 5 day exploration of Auckland through the AT HOP card and public transport.
I have enjoyed finding areas of the Get Lost environment still the same after 5 years, which is kind of scary, but also fascinating when you think of the thousands of people that visit the sites each day.

I will develop this more as we run the event next week.  

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