Friday, 8 September 2017

Playing with RFID, next stages

It has been something that I have played with on and off since 2014, when I was looking at developing a project for my previous school. It has been something that I have been waiting for the technology to catch up so we can start doing some cool projects with.

Since the early days with sparkfun and a simple rfid to serial board, now through to simultaneous rfid readers now. It has been a journey of discovery and challenge. Now playing with tags that I can write specific data to.


The challenge has been to thinking how to deal with the data. In some ways, I need a way to test this in a live environment. Just to gather data to be able to go through and learn how to manage it, to store it. How to do this live and filter the captured data.
I have been starting to think about how to deal with it and been finding some algorithms to do with it.

Update: Raspberry pi has been ordered to bring the next stages of this into action.

Reading up how to pass the information from the arduino through to pi, using pyserial.
Although I have done this with a previous project, it has been good to go thought this again to remind myself.
I also have to find the usb battery to run this, It has a 2A connection on it to run the reader.

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