Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Working as part of our schools

Yesterday I was sent an email from our primary school about helping to develop an idea from one of the teachers.
Since today was a flipped timetable at the secondary school, I was able to go down this afternoon to work with them for an hour.
There are two students who want to help fellow students to develop their number knowledge. They have been doing this as part of a project and I was impressed by the work that they have done. They had who could they ask questions, what resources they needed to have, and I wonder statements.
They had drawn some designs in their book on how they wanted it to look and some of the features they wanted to have. They want to help students develop there addition, multiplication, division and subtraction as well as a skill they I slightly remember, skip counting.
We sat down and I asked them questions around my own clarification on what they wanted to do, challenged them in there thinking around correct and incorrect answers and how they would feel getting big red crosses for every incorrect answer.
We then started developing some code in scratch for them to develop some understanding.
They were so excited to see their ideas starting to work, testing the different components of the project was difficult because they knew the answers. Getting them to realise that sometimes you had to put in incorrect answers into your project even though you knew the answer required some coaching.
They have multiplication and addition now working, with score-based working at present.
The part that blew me away, is that they are only year 3, 8 years old.
This is part of me reflecting on the different opportunities of the digital technologies curriculum. The opportunity for students developing and sharing their ideas nationally currently doesn't have a year 3 programme, it starts at year 5. I wonder...

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