Tuesday, 18 September 2007

books in the wild update

Content time now, and design of the stickers. It is getting down to running the wild on books competition at school and I have still to finish the database and webpages behind the competition.

I love this theme that they are using in the US at the moment, LOL @ your Library,

LOL! @ your library! Dates to be confirmed, Boost your endorphins, lower your blood pressure, and improve your immune system by stopping by the library during Teen Read Week to laugh with a humorous book or graphic novel! Stop by today and see what’s funny at your library, and pick up a page turner that you can read or listen to just for the fun of it!

Firstly, I know you’re thinking why is she talking about something that doesn’t even happen until October? Then I know you’re thinking, why do I really care?

Well, have you really ever considered some of the benefits to reading for fun? No? It just so happens that I have a list of the top ten reasons why you should read for the fun of it!

10) Books don’t get caught in your braces… if they do, you may want to seek help for that.

9) Unlike gym, you don’t have to shower afterwards… unless its a manga with a really cute purple haired guy in it. Then I might consider a cold shower afterwards. :) 8)

8)Reading won’t cause pimples… unless while you are reading you are eating a bunch of cheese doodles. Then maybe.

7) It will help you forget what they serve in the cafeteria. If however, you like chicken surprise, more power to you.

6) Magazines don’t “crash”.

5) Graphic novels look good with whatever you are wearing… unless you area wearing plaid skin tight pants with a bright pink shirt that has huge flowers and dolphins on it. I don’t think anything could save a fashion disaster like that.

4) Its cheaper than a new video game, and your fingers won’t hurt even after a couple hours of turning pages, unlike the controller to your XBox.

3) You can drown out your parents’ cheesy music listening to an audiobook… unless your parents listen to someone rad like Jimmy Hendrix, then you should listen to the music while you are reading so you can rock out. You know you want to. :)

2) You’ll learn words even your teachers don’t know. Like maybe, shenanigans, which in my opinion, is a most excellent word.

1) It’ll confuse your parents. I can hear your parents now. What? You’re reading a book, you enjoy it and you’re actually laughing? Who has stolen my child!

The main theme for the Teen Read Week initiative is “Read For The Fun Of It,” and includes a sub-theme that changes each year. This year’s sub-theme is “LOL@ your library®,” and it promotes humorous books and graphic novels as a tool for getting young adults to read.

So anyway. What harm could it cause? You read some silly books and have *gasp* some fun too! I may put together some special programs during that week… something cool to give away or something fun to do. We’ll see.

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