Tuesday, 27 November 2007

more to hacker high school

Hacker High School - Security Awareness for Students

A link to the Hacker High School web site went to the AP CS list the other day. It is an interesting site with lessons and exercises about computer and network security. It appears to be designed to be used in either a classroom or a computer club or other after school program.

Some students today know a lot about network and computer security. Some of them use that knowledge for good and others, well, perhaps not good is a better way to put it than bad. Students are curious and they are going to try to find out what they can do and where they can get in. The other students, the ones who don't know as much, probably need a good education in security if only to protect themselves from their peers. And of course there are hackers out there who have clearly ill intentions and we need to protect people from them as well.

This Hacker High School page looks like a site that teachers and parents should know about. If nothing else you really don't want to be in a situation where the students in your life know more about security than the adults in their life.

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