Sunday, 18 November 2007

Mountain Biking 2008

Since I have enjoyed the mountain biking this year, it looks like I could be taking it again next year. So far this year I have cracked a couple of ribs, I have a 2 inch gash on my arm and fractures my right shoulder. What a fun season it was. I found it great fun with the students who probably would never get the huge opportunity of every 2nd week to go out and do a sport that they enjoy. I think I have to get into it a little bit sooner next year to get some of them into racing mode for nationals in April.

So far the dates for the Auckland Winter Series are: AKSS WINTER SERIES:
Round 1: Sunday 6 May Riverhead forest
Entries close: 14 May
Round 2: Sunday 10 June Woodhill Forest
Entries close: 11 June
Round 3: Sunday 5 August Hunua Forest
Entries close: 30 July
Round 4: Sunday 2 September Whitford Forest
Entries close: 13 August

The new bike I am getting from Cycle City is a Avanti Hammer

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