Saturday, 15 December 2007

barcamp auckland

Standards are hard, presentation by mozilla (Robert O'Callahan)
webstandards and the problems that are faced by companies creating a broswer. 
Andy Clark, blogger fustrated by the standards committees.
Standards are necessary - if you put someone in complete control, to much power to a single entity. Probelms occur and someones own opinion it overruled.
Clean up existing standards - work going on to tidy up existing standards. defacto stanadrds and the dejuro standards.
CSS 2.1 spec still being worked on
W3C not interested, stopped work on the new standards, WhatWG, open standards group, clean up standards.
Add new features - otherwise things go pear shapped. OpenWeb, make a competitive platform. Video tag for HTML 5
Codifing stuff, 
Search google for HTML 5
Webforms2 extnsion to make html forms more usability.


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