Thursday, 13 December 2007

Moving Day

What a day it has been. Fare welling staff that have been at the school many years and have become friends. It is the same each year, staff get up, fare welled by the HOD through sometimes moving speeches and the tears of the staff leaving as they look back at their time at the school and the ups and downs that they have had. I think about when it will be my turn to get up and talk about my time at the school, what would I say?

Enough about that, my time to leave the school has not yet come.

Moving Day, it is almost a tradition at the school in the last week of term 4 changes happen, not the changes that you may think. This is the IT change, computers on the move, where unsuspecting year 9 and 10 students become pack mules to the rubbish skips and classroom hauling monitors, keyboards, mice, all the all important system unit to far flung places around the school. Who helps look after all this, the IT teachers, we become the Marshall's at the door telling students to stop, go, what to pick up and where it goes. You kind of feel like wearing a bright orange vest and having walkie talkies with you to make sure the puzzle is going together at the other end.
Yes there are the students that don't want to do it, and the others that "get lost" coming back from hauling computer parts around the school, but it is fun and the students geta buzz out of it because they are doing something different. They are not sitting in a classroom for the fifth time that day watching a video, they are being helpful.

I wish to thank the many students over the past 5 year I have been at the school that have helped move computer, open up the fresh batch of computers that come each year. Thank You.

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