Thursday, 13 March 2008

issues with computers

I have been busy trying to get the virtual hard drives working in my classroom, I had them all copied to the computers last week. I went in today to check on them to make sure nothing had happened as I knew that the other teacher was using them to teach his class some system clean up tips and found that they are now unusable. The reason, the students had personalised them, to the fact of creating user accounts with there own user name and password. Now there had been no administrator login created it was just, in, wham, thank you maam type thing. Now I have to go through and put a new virtual hard drive on these machines again. I think it is time for some education. Education on just because something is available for you doesn't mean that it is yours, others need to use it as well. These virtual hard drives are to be used in three different classess, what you do on it will affect others. How would you feel if your computer was taken over by someone else and changed so you couldn't use it. The same with this. We have a managed network because we need the computer to be the same for all users, we can't have one person wreak it for someone else, change settings, that would make it difficult for some someone else. The same with the virtual hard drives. 

A question: Why do students need to personalise everything that they get there hands onto?

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