Saturday, 22 March 2008

The week that was

I have been struggling to get myself motivated to do the robotics unit this year. Issues have been virtualisation, waiting for assessments to arrive and the unknown if students are going to attend classes. I got stuck in on Thursday getting the virtualisation done so they students can start to program there robot and start to work on the assessment. One of the big problems I had doing this was that my account on the school system fried itself. Somehow I had create a 2Gig snapshot of the drive that I was working on and it got copied to my profile, which meant that I could not log in to any computer in the school. I have to find a way to stop this from happening on students machines or I am going to have some questions to answer on why the network stopped.

Also this week I have been working on solutions for the web design class so they could start there php and mysql unit. This involved some tricky work arounds on the linux server that I have. My problem is now that it doesn't support php 5 which I need to get installed to get silverstripe going, which is one of their projects. I don't want to have to virtualise everything I do, but it is starting to look that way. I wonder if I can grab one of the new dell machines and use that as a windows server with WAMP running on it to do the work. Or do I just go out and buy a big HDD and stick it in.

I have also been working on projects for when I am away from my web design class that they can work on throughout the year, one is a business card, two is a cd cover, and three is a website. I hope they will use some CSS in the website and not get stuck in with a simple design. I might have to add that to the crietia.

I did a mountain bike ride last week in the riverhead forest region and managed to turn a 1 and a half hour ride into a three hour uphill ride. Which was great at first, but now with the sunburn and 11 missed calls from one parent we need to make sure that we can find the trails next time. On Wednesday the first fifteen played a trails game against another school. 12 -12 was the final result with one fight just after half time. All was filmed and the dvd is getting created right now so the coaches can have a look at players and weather they will make the squad. The next game is in two weeks time against a under 21 team. On tuesday will be a sevens tournament that I might go down and watch. 

Also I have yet to finish some of the work required for the online papers. i must focus on these as I have paid for them.

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