Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Digitial Technology Guidelines

The digitial technology framework has been renamed.

This is a PD program, to teach under the new curriculum in the computing area.

It will be a journey
3 year, 13 lead school, developing resources, put up on tki around july.
more practicioner support.

Aim at better outcomes for our young people.

Enabling the 21st Century Learner, has been redeveloped for this year

Cognition consulting is looking after the project.

Various IT Careers, is the pathway in the computing at school that leads students into a job. Try and retain students through to a IT Career.

A planning environment which enables teachers to design and deliver programmes of work for Years 11 - 13 that give content, coherence, and relevance.

Where does it sit? Year 9 and 10 option and e-Learning. The DTG (Technology learning Area, Years 11 - 13)

Encourages schools to look closely at ICT course structure within senior classes.
Is modular in approach
Sits alongside digital literacy/e-learning.
Multilevel taeching, personalising learning within individual and group sittings.
Encourages the embedding of the 5 national key competencies


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