Friday, 4 April 2008

Game programming class curriculum

Game Programming Class Curriculum
Here is an outline of the Honors Programming II class that I'll be teaching next semester which begins next week. The curriculum that I'll be using for C# was written by Digipen and Microsoft.
Introduction to C#
C# Types & Variables
C# Input & Output
C# Expressions & Operators
C# Functions & Flow Control
C# Classes
C# Arrays
C# Structures
The curriculum that I'll be using for some of the XNA training will come from Bill Reiss and Blue Rose Games.
Introduction to XNA
Getting Started
Getting Started
First Look at the Code (Part 1)
First Look at the Code (Part 2)
2D Sprites
Sprites without Lymon
The More the Merrier
Bust a Move
Follow the Bouncing Ball
Double Trouble (Part 1)
Double Trouble (Part 2)
Improving the Bouncing Ball Class using Properties
Sprite Color
Sprite Scaling
Transparent Sprites
Using Origin with SpriteBatch.Draw (Part 1)
Using Origin with SpriteBatch.Draw (Part 2)
The Delicate Sound of Thunder
Arrays and Loops
Arrays and Loops
I'll be putting up resources for the following later.
Making a Pong Game
Creating a 2D Shooter Game
Making your own game
Deploying your game to an XBOX and the XBOX Creators Club
C# Videos
The Art of Computer Game Design PDF book I'll be using

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