Thursday, 11 September 2008

First Exam

Senior exams are upon us, and I did something different for the year 13 web design exam, I got them to present and boy did they surprise me, they did really well. I did a mini webmeet where each one of them had to prepare a presentation on the topic that they are creating there assessment for. Once they got over the shock and the time issues they got to work and meet their deadline. However we have got to get them presenting faster through, also it doesn't help with someone shuts down the presentation computer.

ALso I learnt something new today, i can get some learning resources going through a weblink, https://website/rf which is what I have been after to get going for a while. Just wondering how we can make use of this outside the school.

Today also sparked the beginning of my terminal server project. Also it has been a complete failure. I am using ubuntu server and tried following instructions to get it going, after a gutsy 500+ meg download which I will get told off for exceding the internet downloads and a number of reboots and apt-get and sudo commands it hasn't worked. I am now trying to think how I can download a 699M ISO image when I don't have internet access and all the wireless hotspots limit the data that can be downloaded in a hour now. Wonder who has access to a big pipe for me?

Meetings, meetings, meetings, today was about implementation and changes to our domain account today, we are getting sick of watchdog and their emails to us saying that it is our fault that our email server goes down, when it is in fact their faulty equipment. I am wondering how we can get a hold of the contract with the ministry about there terms and conditions and what they are supposed to offer.
Also looking at new library administration software that is web enabled so we dont have to install system files and other things to get the client to run.

Oh well, off to webmeet tonight for the IE8 and FF3.1 talk.

to do tomorrow, rest and staple the Unit Standard assessment.

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