Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Playing around

It has been an interesting couple of days since my last post. I have had meetings with the Auckland Museum, looking at developing online exhibition spaces, ICT Committee meetings to roll out Office 2007 and Filemaker Pro 9 to which our Student Management System is run on top of. As well as getting to use a chainsaw to "trim" some trees around the place.

But that is not what this post is about. It is about what i am doing in class. We are getting our newly purchased second hand dell machines up and going, one of them we are playing around with as a wireless hotspot and the other getting LTSP running which is a Linux Terminal Server Project. I am just in the process of getting it downloaded, again from the site to try and install it again, never lend the development CD out to students. I am using the new browser called chrome to do this, something new and for the proxy logs to take in account :)

I have managed to download and install the alternate version of 8.04 and it is currently installing on the machine now, though I do think I may need to add some more RAM to it. Also looking at getting an alternative to mstc. As I think this is locked down in the RMSmartTools environment, so have download and run RealVNC to see what that will act like.

Just going through now and installing 118 updates to the system, and will then try and connect to it. Though I need to find a manual on how I update the local virtual image.

My big fear is that it will run its own DHCP server that will take over the schools already working DHCP server?

Also what port do I access the machine on?

*Note: This is rather an issue now, you cannot access this via rdc, it is a PXE boot only, words that cannot be mentioned here are echoing around the room I am in at the moment. I have spent all this time trying to do something that cannot be done, maybe some more searching and reading needs to be done. Well it is 7:40pm and I am still here, maybe I should go home and sleep on it.

I am also playing around with mobile technology to see what I can do with it, and what it has to offer, I can't wait for a presentation at the ulearn conference on how the teacher in Auckland is handling mobile technology in his classroom and field trips.

Now I have to get the Office 2007 installation CD and put it on my laptop, it just feels wrong to do this, but oh well.

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Anonymous said...

it aint gonna work.. LTSP does not work with MS Proprietry RDP
however look at rdpserver? maybe? no idea what that does.