Thursday, 11 March 2010

Catch up

It has been a while since I have last posted,

I have been busy getting the schools google apps domain up and running this year, with the changeover of student logins to an new schema, though I can see this needing to be changed again next year with possible changes throughout the sector.

The other stuff we have been working on is getting moodle in schools up and going, this has been a great benefit to the department as this is where we can see things moving to in the future. We already have other departments wanting to jump onto our server to make use of the various features. is a new one that we are trying out with the art department as a way to keep an electronic prortfolio. We signed up yesterday and already have the students in and starting to put work up. It has been a bit of a mission to get the usernames and passwords up, as our temporary passwords for students did not meet there criteria.

e-asTTle has also been a thorn in my side this year, with the requirement of NSI numbers to be included, and not having all this going straight away with our SMS and ENROL is has caused it to be put back a couple of weeks. Maths department are doing it online with multichoice questions, though I had to mark 500 students maths papers this morning due to there was a written question still left in the test. English are doing there reading test on paper and getting outside people to enter the results in e-asTTle. It was due to a professional development meeting yesterday morning that we realised that these haven't been entered yet, as they want to present the results next week.

Other things have been going on as well, but that is another post...


one reflective teacher said...

Ahhh! So many acronyms! I didn't understand the second half.

That must be an interesting challenge to try and move all of your portfolio work online. I wonder how students are reacting to it all.

oneteachersview said...

we find out soon, as we start going through the training with the teachers and the students