Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Software design project

I don't know if I have posted this before,

The Task: Scavenger Hunt

Mobile phones with inbuilt global positioning systems (GPS) are becoming more and more widespread. This means that you can use services like Google Maps on your mobile phone to see exactly where you are. It also makes it possible to play scavenger hunt games with your mobile phone. Imagine you could have a game on your mobile phone that gives you quests and clues depending on your position in the real world, and guides you through the scavenger hunt. Imagine that you could create such games yourself with your mobile phone, and send them to your friends.
Your task is to make a proposal how a program for a mobile phone should look like that allows the users to create scavenger hunt games. The user should be able to specify a sequence of quests. Each quest should have a GPS position and a question that the players have to answer. During the game, when a player enters the correct answer, then the position for the next quest is revealed.
In your answer you should:
  • explain the different functions you think this system should have;
  • describe the user interface elements of the program that allows you to use these functions;
  • give arguments for your design.

I would like to do this with my year 12 students as a test during the year.

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