Thursday, 6 September 2012

subject selection .9c

I have been meaning to get this update done for a while now, I suppose waiting until the last two days isn't good enough.

I have updated the level 3 selections to use the year 10 code to lock subjects down to option lines, I can't believe that I did not realise that I had this already programmed in, I have taken the code from line 1 in to the year 10 code and put into the year 13 code and applied the optionline of 1 in the database.
Easy fix to include RED3 and THS3, that way students can choose there preferred option

I have also included the MAS3 and MAC3 subjects in year 12 so students that have done accelerated maths can choose these subjects, although it is available for everyone, I don't think this will matter.

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