Sunday, 2 September 2012


While at the kiwi pycon conference, I decided to use some of the downtime to update the pycode moodle site. As the developer has been making some changes lately and presenting it, I felt that I had to use the latest code.
Mistake Number 1, updating just after you started your students on it may not be the best idea. As the changes that have been made are to directory structures and the naming of the project, the name of the folder  needed updated as well. Now this stops all previous half submitted work from running.
Mistake Number 2, not realising that that is the case. As with the changes the developer had changed the folder name which I did not realise and just copied the files straight into the folder. This then made all the unit tests fail.
Mistake Number 3, thinking that the work was in python 3.1+, all the sandboxes at the present are 2.7. When is the community going to update?

I also updated the auth/guath login, this now locks it down to just the google apps domains that we want to allow and not everyone having access.

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