Sunday, 9 September 2012

Schools need to change

today's parents are looking for high schools that will extend their children's ICT skills. are they finding them?

Nope, that because secondary schools are still stuck in at adage of English, maths, science. Technology doesn't really come into it. Schools are letting these students down and until changes within school management take place schools are not going to change. I look at schools and who are the senior managers, they are English and social science teachers. 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

subject selection .9c

I have been meaning to get this update done for a while now, I suppose waiting until the last two days isn't good enough.

I have updated the level 3 selections to use the year 10 code to lock subjects down to option lines, I can't believe that I did not realise that I had this already programmed in, I have taken the code from line 1 in to the year 10 code and put into the year 13 code and applied the optionline of 1 in the database.
Easy fix to include RED3 and THS3, that way students can choose there preferred option

I have also included the MAS3 and MAC3 subjects in year 12 so students that have done accelerated maths can choose these subjects, although it is available for everyone, I don't think this will matter.

Sunday, 2 September 2012


While at the kiwi pycon conference, I decided to use some of the downtime to update the pycode moodle site. As the developer has been making some changes lately and presenting it, I felt that I had to use the latest code.
Mistake Number 1, updating just after you started your students on it may not be the best idea. As the changes that have been made are to directory structures and the naming of the project, the name of the folder  needed updated as well. Now this stops all previous half submitted work from running.
Mistake Number 2, not realising that that is the case. As with the changes the developer had changed the folder name which I did not realise and just copied the files straight into the folder. This then made all the unit tests fail.
Mistake Number 3, thinking that the work was in python 3.1+, all the sandboxes at the present are 2.7. When is the community going to update?

I also updated the auth/guath login, this now locks it down to just the google apps domains that we want to allow and not everyone having access.