Monday, 18 February 2013

mysql lesson failure

Started the students on their mysql journey today. After a period of frustration when they tried logging into the server all at once and having the server lock them out for a minute or so. Once getting over that hurdle and getting them logged in, the next issue was getting them to change there password, as some of the passwords are dictionary terms or only 4 characters the server wouln't let them change, instead I have had to learn how to change the password configuration.

Once into the server, it was create a folder, public_html, seems that some students can't type properly and I have to them show them how to remove a directory.

I am starting to get frustrated by the classroom environment, the monitor is on a good resolution, yet the projector is on the same, which means it is difficult to view. I am starting to think why even have a teachers computer if it is not setup to be any use.

Now onto the mysql intro,

An absolute failure, I forgot what I set the students passwords to...

This has now been fixed and hopefully all things will be go tomorrow. I plan to use my laptop and change the external display to a better resolution. Though the laptop does have an issue with the pwer supply.

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