Thursday, 28 March 2013

I’m a horribly inefficient teacher

This blog caught my attention today

I saw it pop up in my twitter and next thing I know I am clicking on the link. This is me, although I have not been teaching 25 years, try 10, it is me, I don't do the same thing year after year, I am changing things, updating my skills, trying new ideas.

One idea is the worm. This came up in a conversation with a group of teachers while on a break during a conference. Getting students to understand databases, what would happen if students could guage there enjoyment in a lesson.

Next thing I am learn jquery mobile, how to create a sliding input bar, submitting the form to itself, updating a database, running jpgraph to create a line graph that updates over time...

Trying it out with students today and getting over 42,000 responses, yes there is a bug in it which allows students to just keep clicking. However, I am interested in what my average factor would be?
The worm, has a slider that students can use to respond about there current engagement level in the class, please note the This is for development purposes only... 

 Using JPgraph to show a minute by minute rating on students engagement levels

also need to include a date filter in it, as well as found out the the server I grabbed the ntp request from was out of time to the other server.

now I wonder what some other teacher learnt today?

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