Saturday, 27 April 2013

makertorium through twitter

One thing that I keep wishing is that I was in Wellington somedays, if there is a school with a job vacancy...

There always seems to be some great stuff happening in Wellington, from the Te Papa gaming exhibit through to makertorium today. I have been following it through twitter #makertorium and I must say there are so many good toys I would be interested in buying. The flying fox camera has me wanting to film rugby games from the sidelines with better view for sports analysis, though it looks like it would survive a ball attack.

What a great way to introduce technology/digital technologies achievement standards to students.

One that has my attention at present is how to introduce robotics in the classroom, I know a number of schools have Lego NXT kits or VEX robotics, but they are expensive. Then there are the pixaxe robotics that were shown at the Auckland Symposium.

One that I am looking at due to todays tweets are the that are made by a company in Dunedin. They have developed a interesting unit plan that will work with technology levels 3-5

How are schools using robotics with junior secondary programmes?

Both the flyingfoxcamera and bristlebotics are nz made.

I am hoping that they have another makertorium soon. 

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