Thursday, 18 April 2013

nzqa and moderation

I have been thinking about some postings on the nzacditt google group. It relates to moderation. 

Digital submission of work for moderation 

Teachers are reminded that any student work that has an outcome that is not a printed Document (word or DTP) should be submitted electronically for the moderator to be able to verify the work. This includes work such as presentations, websites, videos, audio, programming, databases, and spread sheets that involve macros.

We have to be able to submit websites, this is rather strange as most of the websites that we are developing are dynamic. They are no longer static websites, they have a database running them. How can we submit the website so that the moderator can view them.

Easy, we can use XMAPP, or webserver on a USB Stick.


See Preparing Digital Visual submissions for Moderation for more information.   It should be noted that NZQA updated security policy means that work cannot be accepted on USB Drives.

So we can't submit our work via a USB stick. So how am I supposed to deliver my programme of new Digital Technologies standards where I am looking at php/mysql/apache or developing wordpress sites.

It seems that there is a catch 22 here. 

I hope that someone sees reason.

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