Saturday, 2 November 2013

Is the ministry doing enough for Digital Technologies Teachers?

Reading and article today, they think they are.
However, Rowena Phair, the Ministry of Education's deputy secretary of student achievement, denies the ministry has cast ICT teachers adrift. 
"We've significantly increased what we're providing to teachers and principals." That commitment includes a $9 million budget for professional development, an online resources site and "digi-advisers" who work with principals. 
Phair believes the roll-out of its ultra-fast broadband network will see a "significant shift" in the way technology is taught. 
"It's going to make a huge difference in terms of the connection, the speed, the availability of uncapped data, so this is really transforming what schools see as possible in terms of using digital literacy."
Umm, what is going on here, where is this $9million dollars and the digi-advisors that they are talking about...

As Digital Technologies teachers will tell you, they have seen nothing.

The Digi-advisors are these...
This is the virtual VLN 'home' of the Digi Advisors who are available to support educators on the use of digital content, Digistore and other key NZ eLearning websites. Use the links in the left hand menu to find useful resources and to request support from the Digi Advisors.

ummm, ok, I am confused... and so do others it seems... the ministry it seems to think that we are ICT teachers? I think someone needs to inform them of the changes that they made.

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