Sunday, 24 November 2013

Playing a different game

One thing that gets me about the subject area that I teach is the comment, This is Digital Technologies, we need to be on a computer all the time. FALSE.

The more I start looking at the requirements, the more I start to see that I need to get them off a computer and working out their problems through whiteboards, paper and visual diaries.

Here is a something I got them to do last year, this is the seven bridges problem.
Notice that it is outside.

One thing that I have started seriously thinking of is the issue of security. This is something that some students are interested in and some have a rather bad interest in. I notice in the latest cs4fn magazine that it talks about a board game Control-Alt-Hack,,  this is something that could create an interesting dynamic within the class. Do students play board games in any other classes?

One thing that is stopping me from getting it is the $50 dollar shipping charge from the states.

One thing that I was shown at cs4hs Adelaide was more of the csunplugged activities. This one looked at a tourist town and how you could make sure only a certain number of ice cream trucks could be used at certain corners. 

by the way, the answer is not correct you can do it with six trucks

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