Friday, 10 January 2014

cs4hs New Zealand

CS4HS New Zealand has finsihed, here are some of the notes that were taken at the end.

what are you planning on doing in 2014
  • Learn python
  • do 3.44
  • Review database plans
  • do python
  • introduce cs 1.44
  • have a go with 3.44
  • To look at level 2 and 3 computer science, support what they are doing.
  • Programming and digital media combined, with javascript, code avengers
  • Fun things for year 10
  • waterfall process for planning, development, depth. Rather than just in time agile.
  • industry visits
  • , preparation
  • level 3 course to be more graphic orientated, computer graphics
  • do the edem626 course
  • cs externals and work together to develop,
  • develop a cluster of teachers
  • javascript into level 2
  • formalise coding club, digital badges,
  • edem626 course
  • not doubling up on work, using other work to deliver
  • ready for level 3 programming
  • using databases for one standard and doing regular expressions on the standard to show evidence - practical application.
  • getting network protocols chapter sorted to build on top of the infrastructure standard
  • Who will you keep in touch with
What questions still need answering?
  • Computer clubs to get stronger, dynamic, connected to each other
  • How can I get capable students work placement, get out of the school
  • Rural is an issue…
  • Tour through leading companies
  • Sponsor some students to experience companies through google
  • NZOI New Zealand Informatic Olympiad (STAR funding)
  • Catalyst High School Academy
  • Codeavengers
  • mashup
  • Ministry of Awesome
  • How do I encourage the students to come to digital technologies, when it was easy, but now it is hard.
  • Credit values for work… This is a new subject, new to the area, we are doing too much for the work…
  • Resources that show achieved, merit, excellence.
  • Each of the sections and what they got 1.44, 2.44
  • how would a video presentation be shown…
  • 1.44 why is only 3 credits not 4, doesn’t help with endorsement(14 credits),
  • Is there such as things as an IT labourer, what does the non IT professional look like?
  • IT Labourer, installation, infrastructure, training and support?
  • Developing a range of courses

What is missing?
  • Need a DT scholarship
  • Literature credits - internal standards need to count for these
  • Standards need to last us at least 4 years, they need to be holistic and not dependant on one type of software/application, flexible

Notes from the Unconference
  • More computer science for the junior school
  • CS Unplugged, more fun activities for juniors/seniors?
  • Department of Fun Stuff! Engagement,
  • Scratch at Level One, Lower it down to the junior levels, python happening at level one
  • Bringing more Science into the junior school, confidence for year 13 class, bring programming in.
  • 5 minute things that can be included within the class, lots of little things.

  • Just do it!, teach the standards
  • Getting intermediate students involved
  • Be more adventurous with teaching
  • Change from scratch to python
  • Using technology to be more mobile while teaching - Splashtop app
  • Do more generics, and more CS, using 3.14
  • Bridge the gap between what we are going to teach, and how to assess it. Feeling less confident about how to assess than about how to teach.
  • Scalability of assessment is difficult

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