Sunday, 5 January 2014


I have been looking over the holidays at flask, it is a microframework used to create websites with python backends. This could provide a link between programming and web development.

The reason why I have gone down this track is that I have been looking at Computer Science and Technology for Urban Youth.

This looks to be a path that students could get interested in, I have been looking at a program that that are associated with, stuycs githib source and investigating the idea...

This look to have merits and where I think effort should goto.

We need to start getting students to think about the bigger picture with this, and with where we are at the

moment we need to see some good resources come out. But it does come down to, who is going to create the resources. Should this be being created by the owners of the Standards, which are the Ministry of Education, or should it be the association that comes up with the resources for this...

UPDATE: If on python check out django.
This uses the python language as well.

Setting up django on the Raspberry pi


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