Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sharing Digital Technologies resources

These are my thoughts and not that of a sensible human being in the last week of a twelve week term...

I experienced tonight a fundamental shift in understanding. The codeworx event in Christchurch was a wonderful experience that I heard great things about from those that attended the Auckland event. I was not disappointed. For those that are not in the two main centres of Te Ika-a-Maui and Te Waipounamu, videos will be made available soon through the Codeworx site. 

It is interesting that we look at programming as in software development only, tonight I was shown a tweeting pot plant... When I look at the code, and what it does in less that 40 lines, would be less if there wasn't commenting in it... but as we know if a student doesn't have commenting within their code it is a not achieved. However, the idea of student integrating different technologies, I understand there is a teacher resource being made available soon.

But it has me thinking, new ideas, a search of the internet and I find this.. where has this been hidden all this time... what else out there exists to gain interest in our area, what hidden work is there for information, media, electronics and infrastructure. 

As I write this, I start seeing more ideas of digital technologies, an electric car competition that not only looks at the development, but social media, video competition and a sound synthesiser competition (why you would need one of them with an electric car?). 

I look forward to seeing who the winner of the Media Design School create a hero competition is, entries need to be in this Friday. This seems to be a competition for year 9 and 10 each year, details are on the site.

The Bay of Plenty have just completed a mashupcompetition, 
1.     The Trustpower Best Mashup 2014: Equinox from Tauranga Boys’ College
2.     The Avonmore Best Technical Mashup: Equinox from Tauranga Boys’ College
3.     The Bay of Plenty Polytechnic best designed Mashup: Whakamashers 2 from Whakatane High School
4.     The Technology Wise best managed Mashup: Solid Impact from the Katikati Home School group
5.     The Wharf 42 best marketed Mashup: Ghillie Enterprises from Mount Maunganui College
6.     Bay of Plenty Regional Council prize for best use of open data: Victorious Secret from Mount Maunganui College

An amazing effort by the students at these school to incorporate what they are learning within the school into real world applications.

Its only term one...

Back to my original start.. if anyone has found resources like the which has NCEA digital technologies assessment material, please let me know... (I think everyone knows about instant and eduwebb) its the other ones that we need to share...

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