Friday, 25 April 2014

smart citizen update

I now have the Smart Citizen working, however there are two things I regret, one is not getting the solar panel, instead it is being hooked up to a USB charger to supply it power, the battery only lasted 11pm-3pm, which isn't enough for a days usage... The other was not getting the other enclosure. The one that I have I realise, is an indoor enclosure, which by the way came with no instructions on how to put together.

I have enjoyed getting the Smart Citizen working, and look forward to getting it working at school. With the idea of just using a sd card at this point. But, I have realised looking at the forum, this requires getting a battery to keep the clock going when it is turned off, else the date and time reset and I have useless data.

Smart Citizen are working on a feature that will allow me to upload the data from the card to their website, but at this point it is attach to an email and send them the file. Not that useful. It will be interesting to see how much data would be recorded in a day. Could be useful to talk to the students about how to store this data and access it.

I look forward to recording data for the rest of the year, however I am yet to figure out how to do this without a solar panel or a way to join it to our network-it doesn't do enterprise level wifi.

I would love to see how to develop this idea further, we have some free wifi areas within our city, I wonder if with some funding we could develop this for Digital Technologies secondary school students. .

This is the video from cisco live melbourne

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