Friday, 30 May 2014

Digital Technologies, subject or....

In 2007 computing and information management existed in schools. This also started off the Digital Technology Guidelines, a subject was born. In 2009 this subject came into being, Digital Technologies. 

Digital Technologies consists of 5 strands, Digital Information, Digital Media, Programming and Computer Science, Digital Infrastructure and Digital Electronics. All of this is held within the Technology Curriculum.

The NZC 2007 puts eLearning, a pedagogy in development. Page 26 of the New Zealand Curriculum. 

We have a change of the ICT PD within schools that was offered, and it is changed to Blended eLearning. 
In 2013 we have a change. Learning with Digital Technologies. I believe I know where this came from(Though I could be wrong). It came from a Principal who went on a sabbatical and didn't research Digital technologies and its part of the curriculum and education. Mind you it does sound like a pretty cool name. 

The report is available here that has 52 mentions of digital technologies.

Now, this is where the problem exists. We have been asking for support from the ministry to help support a new curriculum area, help develop resources for teaching and learning, help assist teacher to build capability and develop a future focussed subject.

we get information that there is large amounts of money going into development of teachers
Education Ministry-funded professional development addresses digital technology in two ways, according to Pauline Barnes, the ministry's group manager of curriculum, teaching and learning.
The first is in the use of digital technology across all learning areas, and all externally contracted professional development funded by the ministry must include outcomes directly related to expanding the use of digital technology.
"In addition to this, there is specific professional development provision available for teachers of digital technology at school, cluster and national levels," she says.
This is not the case.

This is why I am annoyed at the whole thing, and I keep getting fobbed off by the Ministry about this.
Mind you it is great to see these types of tweets, 


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