Sunday, 18 May 2014

Looking at ethics in Software Engineering, NZC Technology

I have been challenged tonight through twitter to see if this type of material could be used within our classrooms.

Now the issue is how does this work within our curriculum,
Bring up the support material for New Zealand Curriculum - Technology, 2007

The link above is for the Whole entire support material for Technology, now when I do a find "ethics"
Only 8 references to ethics exist in the material, 
The first 5 relate to various parts in the explanatory papers.
The other three...
Components of Nature of Technology: Indicators of Progression Level 5
Components of Nature of Technology: Indicators of Progression Level 8

and The Relationship between Technology and Key Competencies.

Relating to Others and Participating and Contributing 
Technology programmes provide opportunities to develop ongoing and mutually beneficial community relationships critical for developing student competency in relating to others and participating and contributing. 
Because of the inclusion of a range of knowledge and skill bases in technology, both technological and those from other disciplines, it is common practice in technology education to draw expertise from the community and/or industry. Inviting people in as valued experts provides a meaningful opportunity for the development of relationships with a range of people from local and extended communities. Students also often work alongside service organisations, local businesses and other community groups to meet an identified school or community need. This type of working relationship allows all parties the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the ethics, beliefs and understandings of respective groups and individuals, and thus enhance future interactions. 
All technological practice and resulting outcomes are situated in specific social and physical environments, resulting in both opportunities and constraints. Conflicts and the need for collaboration are common factors that students in technology have to deal with. In turn, students become empowered to operate across a wide range of social groups. This is key to increasingly sophisticated technological practice, and the development of a broad and critical understandings of technology’s role in contemporary society.

After going through and looking through the support material, and looking at the material in I would struggle in how to deliver this in an intermediate classroom. But here is the kicker, I teach Secondary, some of this would develop an interest in the students and being able to go through something like this would be beneficial.

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