Monday, 2 February 2015


Today was our first day of school. All the idea and vision from the last week have now come into play.

This morning started with a Kitchen Table meeting, minus the kitchen table. There is now more staff than can fit around a kitchen table. The meeting in the library space allows a comfortable spot to talk.

Time spent with the students involved ice breaker games and activities. Some thing that I need to work on this year.

The challenge of the day was the film challenge. To look at a habit, a place within the community and to incorporate other aspects were possible. To have 4 hours for students develop an idea, get footage and edit it before showing to their community by 3pm. The official viewing will be Wednesday afternoon. But it allowed me to see the students outside of a classroom, engaging with one another.
Problem solving was a big area of focus today. Using iMovie for the first time on an iPad mini was a challenge in what it can and can't do. I think I am too used to adobe premiere.

Here are some images from todays challenge.

Cutting out images 

Joining together

Outside the Primary School

Had to get the image of the dog in the film

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