Monday, 9 February 2015


If there is one thing that has challenged me so far is that I have had to step outside my comfort zone.

Today we had e-asttle testing. This morning was reading for the year 9 and writing for the year 10. We had two different modes of testing going on, online and paper based. Good thing to as we had a look at our bandwidth usage when just having half thw school on and we feared the worse if we had all students doing the e-asttle maths test in the 2nd block. Quickly plans were changed and phone calls being made to try and sort out our bandwidth requirements.

Part of me was thinking, why is this problem happening? I have come from a school where we had a 1Gig internet connection and we would have coped with an online e-asttle test.

Year 9 students were sent to the gym, year 10 students sat the test. In the gym I learnt quickly from watching Anna work with 120 students. (I am thinking at this stage how do you control 120 students) Students were split into teams, given bands to represent their teams, and instructions given on how to play.

The activity was multi-sports
A number would be given and a sport. The number is the number of players allowed on the court from your team and the sport to be played.

When a goal or point is scored, the game stops, and the next number and sport is given.

This afternoon, I was assisting in the same activity, with year 10 students. In about 30 minutes we had all the year 9 students coming into the gym. What is going on, we needed a plan. Mitch (sports coordinator) and myself took the year 9 out to the courts, we had a netball hoop, could do football and headache as well as touch. But no basketball. Splitting teams up we came up with split into the three learning communities and then split one of them in half again. This worked well and we had a good activity running. Only problem was we were getting more students joining us, we needed to split again and have another court running, no netball hoop on this court, so limited to three sports.

Everyone from both teams playing headache

I need to ask what the rules are around one-touch, so I am better prepared if I have to do this again.

Are teachers prepared to spend time outside of their comfort zones?

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Maurie Abraham said...

Neat description of how our day rolled