Monday, 20 July 2015

getting my database fairy on

One of the books I read over the holidays was The Manga Guide to Databases. I have been trying to find something more to do with teaching databases to students than using MS Access.

The reason behind that is I don't have MS Access on the students BYOD devices, and I haven't used in for a number of years. I have been using mySQL. Which runs on a Linux Box within the school.

I put a help request out to the Digital Tehcnologies Google Group, and that came back with little more than developing a PokeDex, which I think I suggested a number of years ago. As well as developing a database to find stolen cars, which you can download a list of here doing queries is one thing, but developing a database to meet the needs of students and a stakeholder is another thing.

Through some serious searching online, I came across The Mange Guide to Databases.

I learnt more through this book, not about the database stuff itself, but more around creating views, the properties of transactions, when disaster strikes, indexes and optimizing queries. This has been a great book and I feel that I have got my database fairy on.

With a useful cheat sheet

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