Saturday, 20 February 2016

Evidence for Digital Media Logo assessment

One thing that I keep thinking of is, what does evidence look like of logo development. Through one of the websites that was linked to earlier this week, I found a great tutorial that could help with showing advanced tools, plus I like the way that it was put together at the end.

First thing is first, sketching ideas, this is a great way to use a different space for the students to thinks creativity, something I would world allow them to wok where they wanted, to develop the idea, use the hallway, a breakout space, outside. Whee ever their creativity and imagination is best found. Use a visual diary, of piece of paper on card something that they can scribble over and take photos of or scan. 

I plan on getting my students to use vector based tools, opening then up to a produce outside of photoshop gives them opportunities to develop new learning using concrete information that they may already have.

Through the tutorial I like the way that the author has taken screen shots with brief pieces of information on how they created this. This type of method is shown in the level 3 digital media exemplars where students showed how they created their complex digital media. A tutorial that is published could allow next years students to learn how to develop and create their own ideas. It also helps the students to learn to use knowledge and skills from their other subject like english, to be able to communicate with and audience.

At the end of the tutorial I like the idea of a branding guideline sheet, it helps show the understanding of how the logo, colours, font can work to enhance the print outcome or website and it also informs where some of the unique ideas of the student come from through the exploration of the brand mark.


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